Temp Email. Easy Solution for Software Testers

April 6, 2020 7:13 pm Published by:

Temp Email

Every software developed for regular Internet users is to be tested. This final check helps make sure that everything works correctly, and that users can navigate easily in the new resource. Some websites and applications require users’ registration or providing an email. Thus, the testers have to create many email addresses to check various scenarios. Mailbox creation is time-consuming since the owner is to fill in a form. Besides, the testers may not want to create a bunch of emails with their personal data since email services do not offer anonymous registration.

Why can’t you give the tested software some random address? If you provide unreal emails, the software company will spam these non-existent e-addresses, and the email service may ban the sender. Thus, future customers who use this service will not receive any notifications from the company. It’ll appear that the tester will just cause a serious problem for the software instead of making sure that everything is alright.

Besides, sometimes it is necessary to test the e-letters that will be sent to the users. If you give an unreal mailbox address, you won’t have a chance to see these emails.

Temp Email for Developer

You can avoid the mentioned problems and inconveniences by using temp email. Temporary email can be created on specialized websites in few seconds with no risks. Users don’t have to provide any information; thus, everybody who has entered such a platform can immediately generate new e-address. What’s important, temp email for developer is not fake; it is a real mailbox, which will be removed in a certain period. You can receive notifications and read them via this email box.

One-off.email is one of the most user-friendly temp email services. Users generate e-addresses only by entering the site.

How to use it:

  1. Copy the address by clicking the green button “Copy email” and paste it in the form of the app or website that requires it.
  2. You can generate another address any time by clicking the pink button “Change” or “Refresh.”
  3. If the tested resource sends you an email, you’ll see it in the big box below the pink buttons.
  4. The e-address will be automatically removed 1 hour after the creation. If you want to do it sooner, click “Delete.”

For your convenience, you’ll see the countdown that shows for how long the mailbox will remain active. Also, you can easily turn on pop-up and sound notifications of a new email.