How I became spammed

September 7, 2020 9:36 pm Published by:


My name is Devid, and soon unpleasant story happened to me that took a lot of time, power, and emotions, and put me on the brink of bankruptcy.

It all started with the fact that I sent several business letters, but none of them reached the addressees. Then Yuri Mikhailovich, a partner from a neighboring city, called and started asking very unpleasant questions, the answers to which I did not have. He was sure that I was informed of the situation, but I had to get out for about 15 minutes to finally understand that he sent me information three days ago and I had to do something. My “excuse” that I have no idea what I was talking about and I did not receive letters from him caused him sarcasm and reputation points, as you know, did not add to me.

I do not use mail very actively, sometimes up to ten times a day, sometimes for several days nothing important happens, and I just go there to check the mailbox. I have long been regular to “letters of happiness” and did not pay much attention to them. Sometimes I cleaned up, but after that unpleasant conversation, I sat down and removed 90% of the incoming. The list of addresses I need is not very long, I do not conduct private correspondence in the e-mail service.

After I cleaned the inbox, everything was calm for several days. But one morning I opened my mail and realized that something was wrong with it. Not a single familiar address, the whole window is spammed with unknown addresses with calls to buy a miracle cure, go to a miraculous place, or participate in a miracle lottery. It’s the 21st century and I haven’t opened any of these letters, I just realized that my address fell into the hands of scammers. I was not too lazy to find the coordinates of the technical support service and sent a letter complaining about spam. Needless to say, there was no answer, just as effectively it was possible to talk to my cat.

I went online, read the recommendations and did as I was advised: I sent all unknown addresses to the Spam folder and updated the antivirus. It took enough time, and the result was minimal. If earlier the Inbox folder was clogged, now the Spam folder began to eat up all available memory and paralyzed everything again, since the volume of the mailbox doesn’t have infinity space.

But I didn’t realize it right away. A few days later, Yuri Mikhailovich called again, and no longer hesitated in expressions, expressed everything he thinks about my inhibition and unwillingness to work normally. After I got into a situation where I could lose 80% of my earnings, I thought hard.

Changing your email account is not difficult, but the spam situation will repeat itself over and over again. At the same time, the probability that will happen at the most important moment and once again put me on the brink of collapse is very high. Considering that I haven’t made any purchases on the Internet for the last six months, I can assume that my data was leaked through one of my addressees. I cannot say that this is 100%, but nevertheless I had bad thoughts. Of course, I cleared the box again and started looking for a solution to the problem.

Oddly enough, the same Yuri Mikhailovich helped me. His company has an IT department, the guy from whom he suggested a quick solution to the problem: a temporary email

What does it look like in real life?

On the page I get the address of the new, just generated mail. It is safe and unknown to spam companies. I click on the “copy” button, it copies the new Email address. Done! I can work. If the time of the anonymous session needs to be extended, I click on the “Refresh” button, and I get an additional time limit. I agreed with my colleagues, they know that I change my address periodically. The endless spam horror was over, I saved time and established a relationship with a business partner.