Test emails on the Mailtrap service

September 6, 2020 7:16 pm Published by:


Mailtrap is a service that helps you test emails during application development and prevents them from being accidentally sent to clients. At the same time, testing may include real data. Safe testing of emails at the pre-production stage helps developers to study and improve project capabilities in a planned way and work out the following options:

  • evaluation of the markup of hypertext letters and selection of options on devices of different types;
  • studying the spam index even before starting a new project;
  • while working with multiple projects, distribution of test message streams is dividing;
  • testing subscribe mailings lists for selected indicators.

At the same time, subscribers are free from test emails spam.

How does it look in practice?

The route of action has the following stages:

  • creation of a test e-mail box;
  • setting up a mail server;
  • sending test emails.

To create a personal account, you have to register. The main work takes place in the user’s personal account: the creation of projects and inboxes. For paid users, a collaboration option is provided. 

Mailtrap is compatible with Yii2, Django, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Laravel, Zend, and many other frameworks.

In the subscriber’s account, the data of the SMTP and POP3 settings are displayed, they are used to optimize the parameters of test mailings. In the “Inbox” folder there is a menu with a list of available integrations. The Email Address tab contains a test email address, and you can manually send conditional correspondence to it. A paid Mailtrap subscription not only provides the customer with a test email address but also allows automatic test messages to be sent to real email addresses. Mailing settings will help you select only some mailboxes or combine all addresses of the required domain as a single project goal. Refer to Auto Forward to configure access. Using the Manual Forward tab, you can forward test messages manually. And the Team Members tab will allow you to communicate with coworkers.

Test letter analysis

First, you need to find the letter in your Inbox. Open the tab HTML and view the message as a whole. To estimate how the letter is displayed on screens with different parameters, click on the corresponding icon. The HTML Source button displays the email in HTML format. And the information received from SMTP is under the Raw button. If the mailing list is blacklisted, information about this will appear on the Analysis tab. Here you can also find information about the spam index, decrypt the indicators, and, as a result, reduce the percentage of mailing filtering.

The Check HTML button will provide data on the results of HTML and CSS check messages. 

The list of recipients is hidden under the SMTP Info button.To get started, just select a framework in the drop-down list and configure the SMTP project settings. After saving the changes, you can create and send a test message. If the chain of actions has been followed, it will instantly appear in the Mailtrap inbox.

Payment for services

Payment for Mailtrap services has several variants. The minimum monthly fee is $ 10. For private projects, there is the possibility of the free tariff with some limitations. Personal non-profit projects can receive one inbox (up to 5 MB). Free subscription has a limit on receiving up to 500 messages per month and on simultaneous storage of 50 letters. To expand the capabilities of the Mailtrap service, use the temporary email address http://one-off.email. From its page, you can register the required number of accounts and more quickly test a large number of letters. Mailtrap easily integrates with multiple platforms and frameworks to optimize application development processes.