Should I choose or One-off.emai?

September 10, 2020 8:00 pm Published by:


EmailOnDeck is a temporary email service providing disposable email addresses. It functions successfully and allows you to avoid spam and maintain confidentiality in all cases when you are not sure about the integrity of the addressee. Thanks to EmailOnDeck, personal information is saved and your main email inbox is not littered with annoying ads. However, the same can be said about service, which is also ideal for use temp mail that preserves privacy in the online space.

Both services are convenient to use for:

  • sending and receiving letters;
  • testing business projects;
  • marketing research;
  • creating accounts;
  • registration on dating sites;
  • cryptocurrency trading.

Both One-off.emai and EmailOnDeck are independent of third-party services and use reliable systems that protect in opposition to hacker attacks and hacking. Temporary addresses are completely anonymous and do not require any personal information.

How do you choose the best service?

To do this, you need to try both in action. After all, no matter how beautiful the advertising promises sound, the devil, as you know, is hidden in the little things. When the EmailOnDeck service is activated, the English-language page opens first. Translation into Russian, to put it softly, may be much to be desired. However, these are trifles. Worse, the interface has a strange and uncomfortable design. Apart from, ads are distracting. But this too can be ignored. The most unpleasant thing begins when you are asked to take “two very simple steps” to “bypass the captcha.” Captcha bypass can happen in seconds, or it can take an incredibly long time, as captcha appears over and over again. If you are not bored with proving for the hundredth time that you are not a robot, then you can use the email service EmailOnDeck.

As for free email services, the English version is also the first to open here, but the translation into Russian is more correct, and the unexpected linguistic inconsistencies do not attract attention so much. The interface is laconic and simple, which saves a lot of time. The rules for using mail are elementary and fit into a few clear buttons. You can change, delete, or extend the life time for your email address.

If you need to contact sites that may use a business or personal email address to send spam or advertising information, it is more convenient to email