Fortnite With a Temp Email

Email is not only a comfy tool for online communication, it is also a person’s indicator in the Web. Today, almost every company or website that provides services to customers via profiles require users’ email for registration. As a rule, that email address will be further used to send advertisements and reminders to the clients.

Fortunately, Internet users can get a profile without sharing their e-address using temp email. Temporary email is a mailbox, which anybody can get without giving a phone number and other information. Once users enter such service, they can generate a random email address and provide it while signing up for any platform. In this way, all the spam e-letters will be sent to this temp mailbox.

How to Create Fortnite Profile With a Temp Email

A cult video game Fortnite also requires email while registration; yet, it doesn’t send the confirmation letter. Newcomers have to download the game to play it, but it is possible to register on the official site. Don’t be confused with more information about “Epic Games” than about Fortnite on the platform. Epic Games is the company-developer, so its website supports few games. 

First, you should create a temp email for Fortnite. Since no confirmation is needed, you can choose any website that provides temporary mailboxes. Generate your new address. After that, click the Sign-IN button on the official Epic Games site. You’ll see the offer to sign up if you don’t have a profile below the form. After choosing it, the platform will require your birth date information; enter it and click “continue.” Then, provide the required data about your name, place of residence, and email (here, enter the temp email you have generated). Also, create a password for your profile. Below, you’ll see an agreement to receive emails from Fortnite. Even if you agree on that, all the spam will be sent to your temporary mailbox, thus keeping the official one clean. However, you will be allowed to create a profile even without ticking this box. Accept the terms of the game, and go further. Then, you’ll need to pass captcha, which can take some time. Besides entering information from the voice message, you also will have to solve a simple puzzle. If you’ve done everything correctly and fast, congratulations, your profile is created.

Fortnite is a virtual game that has three modes, which are player-against-environment, player-against-player, and sandbox games. Participants are to collect resources in the daytime and fight at night. Exiting versatile scenarios has captured video games fans all over the World. In general, Fortnite attracts a young audience and is popular among both beginners in online games and experienced enthusiasts.

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