– the history of the project and its capabilities

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Today the mail service is part of the huge MRG corporation, which takes a leading position in the IT market. According to indirect data, its capitalization is $ 5 billion. It all started with a small email client created by a group of like-minded people.


Evgeny Goland, who had a small business in the USA installation and selling computers, and the St. Petersburgs programmer Alexei Krivenkov, in 1997, felt the general trends in the progress of the Internet, and drew attention to the business interest in corporate mail. In 1998, the first script was written that allows the administration of the company to register many domains at once, create users within them and coordinate their communication. This was the first idea behind a modern corporation.

Mail service creators at first viewed the project as a hobby, they did not put huge efforts into it, and, moreover, it did not receive advertising and marketing support. Unexpectedly for the authors of the idea, it began to be in demand, which led to a more serious attitude towards the new business and the recruitment of staff.

Since 1998, the project has been developed through the creation of additional services: news service, weather forecast, exchange rates, postcards, music, recruiting …

Official start

But the official date of creation of the company is considered to be 2001, when many profitable Internet assets were united around the most popular e-mail.

Since 2003, clients have got access to an Internet search engine and mastered the ICQ messenger. The possibilities of creating conferences, video calls, free SMS, and many other activities have become available to users. In 2004, the release of the mobile version became, and the removal of the restriction on the size of the mailbox led to an unprecedented increase in new users. By the end of this year, the number of registered boxes exceeded 20,000,000.

Modern achievements

In 2020, serves about 33,000,000 people monthly.The brand owns the social networks Odnoklassniki and MyWorld, as well as many new services. postal service is popular in many countries, including Israel, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

In May 2020, Group provided the opportunity to organize video communication for a group of up to one hundred people. You can make a meeting using the mobile application or through the web version. Just go to the mail and activate the call. Participants in the video conference click on the link in the invitation and are connected.

All these facts call to respect and admiration for the scale of the work done.

New opportunities

At the same time, the mail service does not even hide the fact that it has full access to your email. The issue of privacy in the 21st century comes to the foreground. Using mass services, the user provides his email account for the companies operations that study the interests and needs of different segments of the audiences. Such an analysis is not as harmless as it might seem from the first moment, it serves as the basis for promoting different goods and services. To create anonymous space, use the temp mail capabilities of With its help, you can keep business secrets, account registration, or personal correspondence secrets, as well as avoid spam advertising.

Unfortunately, Mail.Ru is not available to users in some countries (Ukraine) and this restriction can also be removed using the temporary mail

For almost 2 decades, the MRG corporation changed owners, had different variants of names, increased the number of domains, but mail has always stayed the most valuable asset, a base that was unchanged and, moreover, free for all users.