Opportunities offered by Avocode for creating websites

September 3, 2020 9:23 pm Published by:


Since its starting, the Avocode service has managed to become a good friend for designers and developers, and quickly connect these two areas. It would seem that it is another software environment for working in popular graphics editors … Why is it so convenient?

Previously, when finishing work with a layout, it was divided into parts according to images and styles. And with the help of the Avocode program, the layout designer can do his part of the work using a ready layout.

The list of work includes graphic editors:

  • HD Adobe
  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Photoshop

The service can be used online in a browser window, and it also opens in Windows, MakBook, and Linux.

Avocode functionality

The designer who created the layout redirects his work to the front-end developer using Avocode. With one click of a button, all design changes are synchronized and all team members have instant access to this information. Images can be delivered without layer preparation. If necessary, by clicking on the layers, the team member gets the element code (in CSS).​

Similar way of work is very convenient not only in a modern office but also in the case when all project members are in different cities and countries or are forced to work at home due to quarantine. Since communication takes place within a few seconds, all changes and new ideas can be discussed without delay. Thanks to Avocode, team members are informed about new updates and receive notifications about changes in project, and also have messages about all the feedback, requests, and comments from their colleagues.​


Communication security and commercial secrets are secure by the TLS 1.3 protocol.The administration confirms that it is safe and convenient to store projects on the service site.

How to start work with Avocode?

Before using the Avocode software, should confirm standard registration procedure. To create a personal account, just fill in the following columns:

  • name
  • email address
  • password

Next, the download page will open. The administration often provides preferential subscription terms, so you should pay attention to the current promotional offers.

After downloading the software, you must confirm the username and password, and come up with a name for the new team. The number of team members depends on which tariff plan you choose. Registration was successful, now you can upload or import layouts and start working on the project.

Project management in the Avocode system

The project is managed by one or more administrators of the team working on the project. They solve access issues and always have up-to-date information on all important points. The required partner can be invited by email. The new team member will have to confirm his consent by sending an invite code.

Avocod has 2 solutions: standalone and cloud. If the validation function is sufficient to service your tasks, then you can select stand-alone version. Thanks to it, you can open the required design format, develop code and specifications, and export images. If teamwork and communication is a priority, then it is better to choose a cloud solution that allows you to create a private cloud with standard and two-factor authentication.

Tariffs and promotions

Present 4 pricing plans:

  • single user
  • team of 2 members
  • group of up to 5 users
  • an unlimited number of participants with the ability to form several teams and the supervision of a manager from the Avokod company.

If one mailbox is not enough for you to solve project problems, you can use the possibilities of temporary e-mail one-off.email. Registering an additional account allows you to test a new project in a free period of two weeks and understand whether it is useful to work further. The temporary service https://one-off.email ensures the security of all business processes and is a convenient tool in a multitasking environment. Avocode administration provides preferential terms for students, schools, and universities.

Avocode software is a universal tool for designers and developers wanted not only to collaborate but also to speed up communication processes in today’s fastly changing world.