How to sign up for SoundCloud with a temp Email

April 8, 2020 5:54 pm Published by:

Register on SoundCloud with Temporary Mail

When we discover new interesting platforms, we almost always provide our email addresses in order to be allowed to use the websites or apps. The web resources are to send advertisement and notification to stay visited and used. However, if you don’t want to exchange cleanness of your mailbox for the chance to use these websites, you can easily register on a platform keeping your e-address in secret. is a super quick and convenient service for generating temporary emails, available to anyone. It requires neither your name nor any other information. All you have to do it to enter the site, and you’ll find your real unique e-address that will operate and receive emails for an hour.

Temp email is a perfect tool to sign up for one of the most popular music services SoundCloud. The platform gained worldwide popularity because it had unified the advantages of online music repository and social network. Due to user-friendly interface and exclusive features, more and more music fans have abandoned other Web players for such a good alternative. You can discover new songs, arrange them in playlists and groups, and share tracks with your friends within the platform.

Register on SoundCloud with Temporary Mail

Registration at SoundCloud with temp email is the same easy as with a regular one. Follow the next steps to get a profile at the music platform:

  1. Enter site and click the green button, which will copy your temporary e-address (don’t close the webpage; you’ll need to go back to confirm the registration).
  2. On the SoundCloud site, find the button “Create account” in the upper right corner, and click it.
  3. Paste the copied address in the corresponding field, enter a password for the platform, and click Captcha.
  4. The next step is to enter your age and choose your gender from the drop-down list.
  5. After that, create a unique nickname, which will be visible to the users on the website.
  6. Go back to and check the box for emails (below the pink buttons). You’ll find there an email from SoundCloud. Open it, and click the link which confirms that you have created your profile.

That’s it. In an hour your temp email will be deleted; you will have your SoundCloud profile, but you won’t receive any spam.