Cooperation between Amazon SES and Group

September 2, 2020 7:27 am Published by: и amazon ses

Millions of people use a variety of email services in their daily lives: Amazon SES, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and temporary email. The average user needs help to make a choice among the many good offers. After all, the technical criteria are badly understood and unavailable, it is difficult to understand which provider is better and which provides lower quality services. Therefore, when two monsters in the market field of email announce their plans, it generates genuine interest and hopes for improving the quality of service and expanding the number of options available.

In the middle of summer 2020, information appeared about the start of cooperation between Group and Amazon Web Services. And if our users are well-known with the first company, then Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), being the largest service, is used much less often.

How does Amazon SES work?

The service was released in 2011. Amazon SES is a scalable email sending service first of all aimed at developers and marketers.

Amazon SES offers solutions and avoids the need to invest in expensive proprietary developments. Simple and easy integration with other Amazon services (AWS), expands the possibilities for sending emails and saves time. A large number of additional options are a factor in real-time Amazon SES pricing.

Amazon SES provides a flexible service that allows you to send emails from the required application, convenient settings, and various options for deploying IP addresses. Customer feedback is provided by a built-in API. Mass mailing, delivery efficiency control, and the ability to analyze information allow using e-mail as a modern and safe tool for an online and offline business.

How to get started with Amazon SES?

To open an email inbox from Amazon SES, a customer needs to do a few standard steps:

  1. You should first register an account.
  2. You have to provide a list of mailboxes that you plan to use and confirm your access to them. The list of mailboxes can be easily changed during operation.
  3. Confirmation is carried out using the navigation buttons: click on Verified Senders, then on Verify a New Email Address.
  4. Enter new address data and click on OK.
  5. A message containing a link is sent to the new email address. We click on it.
  6. The new email has been verified, you can check the correctness of the process using a test letter.
  7. Next, you should follow the active link and set up real mailings. To do this, fill in the fields of a short form.
  8. The application is considered by the Amazon administration, after its approval you will receive a confirmation letter.
  9. The last step is to configure the SMTP server parameters. Click on the Create My SMTP Credentials button, enter your username, and receive a password for access. Important! The password should be kept out of the reach of others.

Amazon SES is set up and you can start sending emails.

Limits and restrictions

Additional packages are normal practice when purchasing a domain name, but even the best e-mails set limits on the flow of letters a customer can send per unit of time. When a user sends several thousand emails per day, the provider begins to restrict him in this activity and increases the cost of the service. This problem can be resolved by using a temporary email address From its page, you can register the required number of accounts, which means you can increase the number of mailboxes and significantly increase traffic. As a bonus, when you use Amazon SES and register with the temporary email, you can send 10,000 messages for free.

Cooperation between Amazon SES and Group promises the appearance of multi-cloud infrastructure on the market, with free access to the options of both companies. But while this process is at the stage of the project, programmers, marketers, and businessmen independently and successfully master the possibilities of mass mailing.