YGG Torrent. Anonymous registration guide and answers to topical questions

May 2, 2020 3:18 pm Published by:

ygg torrent anonymity registration with temp mail

YGG Torrent is one of the biggest platforms for digital media downloading, thus a lot of people refer to it to get the needed content for free. However, this tool is private, thus it requires the users to register.

In order to protect your mailbox from spam and not to leave connections with the torrent, you may be interested in using a temporary mail form one-off.email, which makes anonymous registration possible.

How to register at YGG Torrent with a temporary mail

  1. Open link https://www2.yggtorrent.se and click a button “s’inscrire” in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to one-off.email service and copy the provided mail address.
  3. Fill in the form with a pseudo, mailbox address, which you just have got at temp email service, and password. Click the green button below.
  4. Check your temporary mailbox. The YGG Torrent will send you a confirmation email in a matter of seconds. Open it and click the link.
  5. Your anonymous registration was successful! Now you can use the filter section from the right side and look for the content you want to download.
  6. After you found the needed file, click the green button “télécharger le torrent” under the header. Click it, and you’ll get the content downloaded.

YGG Torrent. Why is it so popular

YGG Torrent-indexer became almost legendary in France while the rest of the World mostly do not know about this huge platform. It has gained such widespread popularity because it gathered a lot of content of different types; thus, people could use it for downloading software, movies, music, etc, without a need to look for other torrents. The design of the platform is user-friendly and the content is conveniently sorted by sections. Due to the fact that YGG Torrent was open for everyone to upload and download files for free, the platform quickly gained avid Internet users’ adherence.

Is it legal to use YGG Torrent?

YGG Torrent is not illegal itself in France; it is not forbidden to share the content you have a right to share. However, it has been mainly used for sharing pirate materials. That’s why YGG torrent has lost its’ original domain.

Law on using protected by copyright content varies in different countries, and some governments even permit doing it for personal use. YGG torrent is mostly used in France, and French authorities punish unauthorized usage of copyrighted materials with fines.

Commonly asked questions about YGG Torrent

Do I have to pay for registration and downloading content?

Registration for the YGG Torrent is free. The first 15 GB are free. This ratio can go up if you seed the torrent; in another case, you can buy extra GB.

What is the official address of YGG torrent-identifier?

Currently, the official web address of YGG torrent is https://www2.yggtorrent.se. However, the torrent does not keep the same domain permanently.

Is it dangerous to visit the website?

Just visiting the official website is not dangerous. However, there are many fake YGG websites where you risk to become a victim of fishing.

Is it legit to download content?

It is legit only if the content is provided by the copyright owner. In most cases, unfortunately, sharing materials via YGG torrent is not legit.