Use a temp email for registering on a site with a subscription

April 8, 2020 8:05 pm Published by:

Use a temp email for registering

Temporary email is a convenient service that will save your nervous system. We all sometimes need to visit a site that we do not plan to use constantly. For example, you need some information, but it is provided only to registered users. You have three ways out of this situation. First, forget about this information and go on. Unfortunately, this is not what we want. Therefore, we go on. The second way out is to use your personal email. You will receive the necessary information, and then all your life you will receive unnecessary newsletters and spam. Do you need it? And the third option is a temporary email. Unlike regular email, the temporary one has a validity period, after which it self-destructs once and for all. No one will ever be able to restore it. This is very convenient, isn’t it?

You can use temp email to register on any site, and even send anonymous letters or communicate with a person who does not need to know your personal email.

To take advantage of all the benefits of temp mail, you must create it. We assure you that this will not take much time from you. You find the necessary fake email generator server and follow the suggested steps. There are dozens of domains on the Internet to help you create temporary mail.

As a rule, a temporary email is stored for 30 days. Users have the opportunity to receive letters in the text and HTML formats with attachments (up to 10 MB), write and reply to letters, print and save letters, manage their spam list, use a direct link to access the email, and view letters in RSS or ATOM feed.

In some cases, temporary mail exists as long as you want it. You decide when to remove it.

Now that you have a temp email, you can safely use it on any dubious sites without worrying about security. When registering on such a site, in the “email address” box, indicate the address created on the temporary mail generation site. After that, follow the instructions and use the site free.