Temp mail is a reliable tool for marketers

September 1, 2020 11:27 pm Published by:


Temporary email not only protects users from spam and loss of personal data but also has a number of benefits that every marketer needs. 

How temp mail works

Temporary mail generates a disposable email address for the customer. This email is only valid for ten minutes. After the end of this period, the email address is self-destroyed. The selected time can be used for different tasks. The speed of receipt of letters will be as fast as possible. It is convenient for many users that mail fully supports messages with attachments. The guarantee of maximum confidentiality is the main advantage of our mail. Your activity will stay completely anonymous since our service deletes both the user’s IP and all correspondence. Registration of temporary mail is not required.

How can temp mail be interesting and useful for marketing?

It is better to view the benefits of using our service in the daily practice of a marketer using examples taken from life:

  • The ability to create accounts on social networks. In order not to garbage the mail of a company or enterprise with information coming from social networks (Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte) or other platforms, use our service. The temporary address can be used to create a new account. This simple manipulation will prevent the collection of spam in a work email.
  • Activation of work with forums. You can use the traffic flow more efficiently for your own goals. In order to hold and, if possible, increase customer interest in a product or service, it is suitable to use several channels of effect at the same time. Temp mail service will help in creating many accounts.
  • Testing of mailing systems. Our technology is used to customize alerts. To draw conclusions about the convenience and normal operation of the mailing system for regular customers, test the initial version using 10 minutes mail. After testing, it is much easier to fix all mistakes of the new functionality and provide a well-debugged service.

How to start?

It’s easy to start using temporary email. To create a temporary mail:

  1. Go to the main page of our site. There you will see the email address you just generated. It is anonymous and secure.
  2. Copy your Email address by clicking on the “copy” button.
  3. Get to work. All correspondence will appear at the bottom of the page.

If the time of the anonymous session needs to be extended, activate the “Increase” button and you will receive an additional time limit.

Important! Do not use a temporary mail service to create permanent accounts. In order to save anonymity of our clients, we periodically replace old domains with new ones.

Optimize your business with us. Temporary mail works steadily in Russia and is able to protect against spam, secure your personal data and become a reliable marketing tool in the hands of professionals.