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Email is the most important method of communication and communication on the Internet. Any action on the network: registration, purchase, sending a message, authorization on the site requires a personal e-mail. There are a huge number of email services that allow you to receive and send letters. Some of them are paid, have powerful functionality, others are free and less functional.

One of the biggest problems with email today is spam. After the e-mail address becomes known to spammers or falls into a public database, they begin to flood it with advertising and spam. After that, it becomes impossible to use mail, because inbox has so match spam messages.

There are several ways to effectively protect from spam. The most effective isn’t to input your mail on sites of suspicious reputation, not to subscribe to news and not share in promotions and sweepstakes. If there is a need to register on a site of unclear origin, you can use the temp mail service and get a one-off email address. Its advantage is that it will exist for a limited time, for example, 1 hour, after that it will self-delete. This time is enough to register on any site or service, receive the necessary information by mail, and use it.

Temporary mail is popular in the IT valley, web developers use temporary mail services every day to test the development features. No less often, temporary mail is using on dating sites or in cases where you want to stay anonymous. VS

The most popular temporary email services are and Each of these services has its own advantages. Let’s compare the functionality and capabilities of each of the services.​

Despite the fact that is a younger service, in terms of functionality it isn`t worse to temp-mail. The service allows you to immediately get a temporary address, without input personal data. In fact, the address is generated automatically when you open or refresh the page. You can also copy the address with the click of a button “change”, get another address, or delete the current one. The service saves mail for 1 hour. Access to the API is available by request.

On the inbox page, there is a short faq on working with the service. It is possible to enable pop-up or audio notification to notify the receipt of a new letter.

It is worth noting that this service is absolutely free and doesn`t require registration. has similar functionality but is slowly loading with advertising and fraud detections. After entering the site, you must first pass an automatic check, confirm that you are a person, and then a manual check, google captcha. There will also be an automatic check when you open any page of the site. After that, you can access the temporary address. It is generated automatically like on Mail can be copied, modified, updated, or deleted, if necessary. Mail is stored on the site for only 10 minutes.

To automatically receive messages to temp mail, you can use service by API. The site also offers the ability to install a temporary mail application on a mobile phone (for android and ios devices). There is the ability to install the extension in the browser chrome, mazila, opera, and telegram channel.

Present premium features of the service. These include an opportunity to at the same time use several temporary mailboxes, a longer period of action, without advertising, primary support.