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Badoo is a dating site founded by Russian businessman Andrey Andreev (Ogandzhanyants) in 2006. Today the audience of users reaches 500 million people. This dating service is most popular in Europe and Latin America. In the 21st century, conditions are such that the number of single people does not decrease, and the search for a partner moves from real life to the Internet format. So in the United States, in 2019, almost 40% of couples first met online. We will not judge it, but just try to figure out how to safely find a partner, friend, spouse, soul mate, love (underline as needed) in the back streets of online.

Badoo has a mobile version and an app. The target audience of the site is very different. Anyone who has reached the age of eighteen can register here. The administration zealously controls this rule and mercilessly blocks teenagers’ accounts. But there is simply no upper age limit. The administration of the service insists on the absence of racial discrimination and gender equality. There is also a very loyal attitude to sexual minorities.

Badoo’s interface is simple. The “Profile” tab contains a form. The People Nearby tab allows you to find friends in your city or area. And on the third tab, there are data of people who want to chat with you or who have displayed an interest in response to your sympathy.

Community members appreciate Badoo for a large selection of profiles, free messaging, ease of use, and fast technical support. The fact that the project is successful is also evidenced by the fact that 76% of users rate the service as “wonderful” and “excellent”.

However, many single people are stopped by the need to enter their data when registering in Badu. Firstly, no one excludes the possibility that your profile will fall into the eyes of a neighbor, boss, ex-partner, or intruder. Secondly, cybersecurity experts rate the safety of personal data very low when using dating applications.

Loss of confidential information can happen both when using a PC, iOS version, and Android. And there are many reasons for this: weak hashing and encryption algorithms, the ability to bypass security checks … The average user is not at all interested in these technical nuances. He wants to expand his social circle without worrying about his anonymity.

Unfortunately, the worldwide web knows much more about us than we think. And, the larger the service, the more often the desire of its founders to get to know users better in order to use the huge client database for their own goals. Often, the commercial success of applications directly depends on the quality of the audience attracted and the distribution of advertising.

Do we have the right to be protected? Sure!

Each user can protect their confidential information using temp mail Temporary mail creates a disposable email address for you. Your mailbox works for 10 minutes and then self-destroyed. This time is quite enough to register an account and secure your data. If there is not enough time, then the session can be extended.

Your wish to meet someone will stay completely anonymous. The temporary mail service immediately deletes the correspondence and IP of its client. Of course, you won’t be able to become invisible. However, using the temp mail​, you can take enough simple steps to improve your online privacy, even on the Badoo dating site.