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Best Android Games

What leisure can be better than playing an exciting virtual game with an interesting plot and charismatic characters? We used to associate the best games only with PC or laptops, thus it was necessary to devote a separate time slot in our schedule for playing. Fortunately, nowadays smartphones are powerful enough to support complex and “heavy” games, and our favorite Minecraft, GTA, Fahrenheit and other virtual amusements have occupied mobile phones, too. It allows gamers to take challenges whenever they have a minute spare and wherever they are.

Popular Videogames You Can Play via Smartphone


There’s no wonder this game has got such a huge army of fans. Who wouldn’t like to feel a creator, being able to build your own world from scratch? Gamers can start with simple constructions and further make them “evolve” into incredibly complex and beautiful objects. Minecraft doesn’t oblige players to pass any missions, and this simple idea of freedom has brought it impressive popularity. The pace and opportunities of the game are perfect for playing it on mobile devices.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA has a very realistic gameplay that helps gamers feel real criminals. The whole game is grounded on driving, action, and crime; yet, the hero has a dramatic pre-story, which pushed him to take on the challenges. There are several versions of the game with different features, and as a rule, every fan has a favorite one. GTA is also famous with quality graphics, rich plot, jokes, music and a wonderful reflection of American culture. Now, the players can also enjoy GTA using their smartphones.

Mortal Kombat

The most famous fighting videogame is also available to download from Google Play. The grim and cruel game offers to choose one of the offered characters and fight to the death with mortal rivals. Every fighter has unique style and skills, strengths and weaknesses. Some of the fighters have become real legends, known even by people that have never played Mortal Kombat. Flamboyance, different fighting styles, and dramatic stories of the heroes captivate the players. Due to huge the fighters’ variety and uniqueness, gamers can easily associate themselves with favorite characters.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

It is an exciting racing game, where the player’s task is only to drive at high speed escaping from cops. Though you try on the role of a criminal same as in GTA, the focus in the game is mainly on driving; thus, you can open new tracks and upgrade the automobile performing successful racing. Cool music, perfect detailing and voice acting have brought the game worldwide fame. With a bit of experience, the players become real racers even via their smartphones.

The Sim

An amazing simulation game allows the players to create virtual people’s routines and maintain it. It feels like another life in your device, which is, however, totally under your control and depends on smart resource allocation. Giving no global missions, the simulator provides the players with an opportunity to put own meaning in the characters’ life and learn from them. The legendary video game can entertain gamers on their mobile phones now.

Do You Need Temp Email for Games?

If you decide to download your favorite video games to a smartphone, you most likely will have to provide the email. Usually, players need to register to get some freebies and boosters. However, in this case, you risk getting a bunch of unwanted emails. If someone requires your e-address, you most definitely will receive spam email.

The other reason is security. The more times you type your mailbox address and the password, the higher is the probability someone will steal it. Hackers may track the text you’re typing with malware, thus detecting what is the access information. When the access to your email is broken, your profiles on other platforms may also appear to be under the risk. That’s why you should consider providing a temp email for mobile games. It will keep your mailbox clean and safe.